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Monthly Archives: November 2019


5 Reasons Not to Use a Free Power of Attorney Off the Internet

By Feldman Law Group |

Maybe you are like a lot of people and you simply don’t see the point in spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a service which has results you can’t immediately see. For instance, when you hire someone to paint your home, within a few days or weeks, you will be able to… Read More »

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Charitable Donations

By Feldman Law Group |

Giving a charitable contribution is a method used for making donations to philanthropic or charitable establishments before or after you die. Giving to charities is often utilized to lessen the total amount of estate taxes that your estate will have to shell out. Most gifts to charities are 100% deductible from your estate taxes…. Read More »

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Getting a Conservatorship for an Elderly Family Member with Alzheimer’s Disease

By Feldman Law Group |

Is it completely necessary to get conservatorship for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease? Unfortunately, anyone that is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease sooner or later becomes incapable of caring for themselves. Consequently, a loved one may have to assume responsibility for their family member’s finances in case their condition worsens. When the person suffering from… Read More »

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