The Feldman Law Group specializes in all aspects of Estate Planning and Real Estate in Walnut Creek, CA

These services include drafting wills and trusts, handling Probates, Trust Administration, Conservatorships and Special Needs Trusts.  Feldman Law Group founder Aaron Feldman provides personalized attention along with over thirty years of experience to protecting his clients and providing them with the highest quality representation.


As a member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners, Aaron Feldman understands the needs of families and the special needs of your child.  He can carefully craft a custom-tailored special needs trust to secure your child’s future eligibility to vital benefits, including Medi-Cal, while also having the trust supplement those benefits to provide the highest quality of life for your child.

Aaron Feldman also specializes in obtaining limited conservatorships to allow parents to continue to advocate for their special needs children once they turn 18 and become legal adults.

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Aaron Feldman is a proud member of Elder Law Answers and is dedicated to providing advice and representation ranging from asset protection to fighting against Financial Elder Abuse.  These goals all start with a solid foundation of a comprehensive estate plan featuring a revocable trust and powers of attorney for finances and health care.

At Feldman Law Group, we are also able to assist with all aspects of Probate and Trust Administration. It is difficult to cope with the death of a loved one.  Feldman Law Group can take the burden off from dealing with the legal aspects necessary to carry out the wishes of a will or trust.


Have you been sued for non-disclosure of an alleged defect?  Are you involved in a dispute with a contractor?  Is there a dispute over an easement or a defect in title?  Are you involved in a dispute over a lease or an eviction?  These are just a few of the real estate issues that can turn into costly litigation.

When this happens, Aaron Feldman can help you.  Aaron Feldman is a highly acclaimed real estate litigation attorney serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for more than twenty-five years.

To schedule your free consultation with attorney Aaron Feldman, please contact the Feldman Law Group today.