Litigation Settlement Trust

Litigation Settlement Trust Attorney in Walnut Creek

Protect Your Eligibility for Government Benefits by Placing Lawsuit Proceeds in a Trust

If you developed a permanent disability or require a lifetime of special needs as a result of a birth injury, car accident, or other such incident involving a personal injury, the proceeds from a successful lawsuit can make all the difference in affording your needs. Take caution, however, because without proper planning, your settlement or award could end up costing you your eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other government benefits.

Feldman Law Group can help you protect your eligibility and continue to benefit from lawsuit proceeds by helping you establish a litigation settlement trust in Alameda County. Our attorney has more than 35 years of experience helping clients find favorable resolutions to legal challenges like these and has focused much of his career on helping people with special needs. Attorney Aaron Feldman can help you find the comfort, care, and security you need by acting as your litigation settlement trust attorney in Walnut Creek.

Establish Your Litigation Settlement Trust

At Feldman Law Group, our litigation settlement trust attorney in Walnut Creek can help you secure your access to government benefits by while benefiting from the proceeds of a personal injury settlement or award.

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Maintain Eligibility for Government Benefits

If you or someone you love has special needs of any kind, retaining their eligibility for government benefits is an important factor when it comes to their own estate. A serious personal injury can affect someone’s ability to find future employment and incur future costs associated with long-term care. Personal injury settlements can help pay for these damages, but it might not cover all the care a person could need in the future.

Important government programs such as supplemental security income (SSI), Medi-Cal, and others can provide valuable financial assistance with items such as food and housing. Unfortunately, these programs are needs-based and means-tested, and they are only available to the very poor.

Money received in a personal injury settlement can put the injury victims over the eligibility threshold and make them unable to qualify for SSI and Medi-Cal.

When that money is placed in a litigation settlement trust, it can remove the money from the recipient’s estate and would no longer count as their income for the purposes of determining eligibility for certain government benefits. The recipient is the trust’s sole beneficiary, which means the trust can be used to pay for their needs and services not covered by government programs.

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