Webinar with the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area on November 6th

I am very pleased to be hosting a new Webinar with the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area on November 6th that will address in greater detail the issues that I try to raise with the articles in my newsletters. It’s called “Rethinking Your Estate Plan – New Strategies for New Laws”.

The SECURE Act has changed the way inherited IRA accounts are treated and for some families that may change how we think about our estate planning when considering a child with special needs.

Prop 19 also presents new challenges for property taxes on inherited real estate. And looming farther on the horizon is new legislation to lower the estate tax from $23.4m per couple (which almost none of us even have – darn it!) down to perhaps as low as $5m.

These changes and potential changes reinforce what I am always telling families: you need to have your estate plans reviewed every 3-4 years or so. Not only are laws constantly changing, so are the people in our lives who we choose to be our successor trustees, etc…It is important that the people we trust for these important roles are still available and qualified in case of a sudden emergency when they will be called upon to act.

On the brighter side, we are about to head into Fall. Hopefully we can enjoy some cooler temperatures and be able to gather safely to enjoy our family and friends.

Stay safe and healthy.

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