National Estate Planning Awareness Week - October 19-25, 2020

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Did you know that there's such thing as National Estate Planning Awareness Week? Well, there is. Back in 2012, Congress declared the third week of October as National Estate Planning Awareness Week.

For obvious reasons, we think this is important. However, it is probably the only area of law with an actual attempt to bring national awareness. Our guess that this is for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Help alleviate the amount of drama, chaos and dissention that comes to so many countless families when estate planning is not done at all (or done improperly)
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent by so many whenever there is a failure to do proper estate planning
  • Address many of the common misconceptions about estate planning, particularly that one estate planning vehicle used by so many (like a Will) is not always the best for everyone (this often depends on your assets, where you live, and your family's circumstances)
  • Better prepare families and their loved ones for their future and to address all of their specific concerns and needs (special needs planning, planning for blended families, etc.)
All too often, people think that once you have your estate plan set up, you're done. The truth is, much like the rest of your life, your estate plan needs to be updated to keep up with the ever-changing circumstances of your family and loved ones' needs. This is why we encourage our clients to make sure that they come in for a review of their estate plan every three years or so and to allow us to ensure that their estate plan is properly updated and maintained.

In conclusion, if you've taken the time and expense to set up your estate plan, we highly encourage you to make sure that your estate plan is up-to-date. Additionally, we also encourage you to spread the message about the importance of estate planning to your other friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, and loved ones. If there's one thing that 2020 has taught so many of us is that something can happen to us at any given point. It is better to set up a plan now while you can make decisions for yourself, than to procrastinate and wait until it's too late and leave your family and hard-earned assets in disarray.

You've invested in giving yourself and your family the peace of mind you deserve. Now, it's time to pass that along to others you know!

For more information about how we can assist you (or someone you know) with your important estate planning matters, please contact us online or at 925.283.6691. Don't forget! We are licensed in the State of California and are able to meet and help set up plans for anyone residing in California. You aren't limited to only referring friends or family that live or work near our office.
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