June 15th Is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

At Feldman Law Group, we proudly serve elder clients throughout the greater Walnut Creek area. We have years of experience in this area of law, and we are all too familiar with the numerous issues elders face. Although many cities are making the shift to reopen businesses and get back to normal, COVID-19 is still a serious threat to the elder population. That is why we want to bring attention to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and the importance of protecting elders amid the pandemic.

Increased Risks Elders Face During the Pandemic

Elder populations have been hit hard by the pandemic and face a higher risk of mortality and severe disease if infected with the virus. People over the age of 80 have succumbed to the virus at five times the average rate. Additionally, it is estimated that 66% of people over the age of 70 have at least one underlying condition that can increase the devastating effects of COVID-19.

In addition to the increased health risks, the pandemic has also resulted in a rise in violence against elders. According to studies, one out of six elder individuals were abused in 2017. With cities across the country on lockdown, older people are more vulnerable to being abused than they were prior to the pandemic. Traditional forms of elder abuse remain rampant. Our seniors and those who support them must remain vigilant to avoid lottery scams, predatory lending, and other criminal activity. But we must also remember that sadly, most financial elder abuse is done by a family member.

Reach Out to an Elder in Your Life

June 15, 2020, is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which is the perfect time to think about what you can do to help the elders in your life. Whether it’s checking in on them to make sure they have enough groceries and essentials so they don’t have to risk going out and being exposed to COVID-19, or joining them for a short walk around the block to discuss the quality of their care at home, simple gestures like these can go a long way in detecting whether an elder is being abused.

To learn more about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, please click here.

If an elder in your life is being abused, immediately contact our firm so we can discuss all of your legal options. We can devise a plan to pursue justice and hold the abuser accountable for their actions. Call (925) 208-4543 to set up your consultation.

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