Non-Disclosure Claims

If you purchased a property and the homeowner or real estate broker failed to disclose vital information that may have prevented you from purchasing the home, you may be entitled to file a non-disclosure claim, particularly if damages have occurred.

The homeowner and real estate broker have a responsibility to disclose all vital information about the property you plan to purchase. Significant structural defects, electrical problems, water issues and other factors affecting the home must be disclosed prior to a buyer making an offer on the home.   As a seller, you may be forced to defend a claim brought by a frustrated buyer alleging violations of these disclosure laws.

How the Feldman Law Group Can Help

Homeowners or real estate brokers who lie or withhold important information to cover up flaws in the home to get the home sold may be guilty of real estate fraud. Brokers would be held particularly responsible, since they are required to be knowledgeable about the property.

Has information about your property been purposely withheld? The Feldman Law Group can help you assess your rights and file a non-disclosure claim to legally recover damages. To learn more or schedule a free consultation with Aaron Feldman in Walnut Creek, California, please contact us.

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