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I’m not sure who decided back to school should be an August event, let alone the first week of August, but that’s where we are. Having grown up when school started after Labor Day, I remember many summers' ending with a vacation of sorts over the long weekend. Replaced I suppose with the Memorial Day as summer vacation?

But as we slide back into routines, making sure estate plans are up to date never gets old. If your estate plan hasn’t been reviewed then we are happy to schedule consultations to go over your plan and see what needs changing. We’ve had a couple of new laws, including Prop 19, which took effect this year.

I have been asked to speak on a panel in San Francisco in September to discuss Prop 19 and Probate and Trust Issues. Looking forward to that event. I am also now scheduled to speak on Saturday, November 6th, for the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area, a wonderful organization that I enjoy supporting any way I can. That webinar will focus on the SECURE Act and how the new inherited IRA rules may change how we think about the ultimate distribution of our estate plans and retirement accounts, particularly when it comes to Special Needs Planning.

If you belong to a group that is looking for a speaker on topics related to Trusts, Estate or Conservatorships, I always enjoy presenting to groups and would be happy to talk with your organization about topics of interest. Lastly, we always appreciate your referrals. If you have a family member, friend or neighbor who needs our services, we’re here to help.

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