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Walnut Creek, California

The Feldman Law Group emphasizes two diverse areas of the law: Special Needs Support and Real Estate Litigation.

Whether assisting parents with Special Needs Support to ensure their special needs child receives quality care and education for life, or defending a property owner through Real Estate Litigation, Feldman Law Group founder Aaron Feldman is interested in only one thing: Justice.

Special Needs Support

As a member of the American Society of Special Needs Planners, Aaron Feldman understands your needs and the special needs of your child. He can carefully craft a custom-tailored special needs trust securing your child’s future Medicaid and other benefits, while providing for other needs not typically covered by government disability programs.

When it comes to your child’s education, Aaron Feldman will advocate for your child by negotiating with the educational professionals charged with your child’s care. Relying upon his mediation training, Aaron Feldman will help achieve the best possible solution for your child in the long run.

However, sometimes your only recourse is litigation. Should that be the choice, Aaron Feldman will vigorously defend your child’s right in any court of law.

For more information, to Special Needs Support.

Real Estate Litigation

Have you been sued for breach of contract? Are you a landlord seeking assistance with eviction? Have you been involved in a contractors’ lawsuit?  Perhaps you are embroiled in an eminent domain dispute? These are just a few real estate litigation issues that can arise over property.  

When it happens to you, Aaron Feldman of The Feldman Law Group can help you. Aaron Feldman is a highly acclaimed real estate litigation attorney serving California’s Walnut Creek and San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years.

For more information, to Real Estate Litigation.

To schedule your free consultation with attorney Aaron Feldman, please contact the Feldman Law Group today.

About the Feldman Law Group

Headquartered in the Walnut Creek area (Lafayette, California) the Feldman Law Group provides special needs support and real estate litigation in and around the San Francisco Bay area. Founder Aaron Feldman is an experienced litigator and trained mediator, offering his clients a broad approach to their special needs support or real estate litigation. Contact Aaron today for your free consultation. Email him at: or call him at: 925-283-6691.

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