Zoning Issues

What Is Required to Change California Zoning Laws

Any zoning law change or variance requires research into current zoning laws and an evaluation of what is required to convert the use of the property or land. Neighbors may be affected by the zoning change, and administrative hearings may be required. Impact studies will no doubt need to be performed. Working with architects and surveyors may also be necessary.

How The Feldman Law Group Can Help

Because zoning laws can be difficult to understand, it’s important to choose anexperienced zoning law attorney who will work closely with government authorities, neighborhoods and other professionals to achieve your goals.

For purchasers, investors and developers, Aaron Feldman of The Feldman Law Group is a first choice for understanding and evaluating zoning ordinances, laws, codes and variances.

The professional team at The Feldman Law Group will engage the right experts; complete the required reports; perform the necessary impact and environmental studies and submit zoning change requests on your behalf.

Take a moment to contact zoning law attorney Aaron Feldman at The Feldman Law Group.

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