Property Liens

A property lien is a judgment for a debt recorded against a property to satisfy an obligation, such as a debt. The owner of the property may agree to place a lien on the property to obtain mortgage financing. In most cases, however, property liens are not something a homeowner readily welcomes.

Getting Help with Your Property Lien 

The most important thing to remember is that any unpaid debt can cause a lien to be filed against your property. Left unpaid, legally allowable interest will continue to compound, increasing the amount owed over time.

When faced with a property lien, simply ignoring it will definitely not make it go away. Although a lien cannot force the sale of your home, the lien will become part of your estate and, if you pass away, the sale of your home may be forced at that time unless your spouse, your under-21-year-old child, your blind or disabled child of any age or, in some cases, your brother or sister, occupy the home.

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