Commercial Lease Disputes

When a dispute arises between a commercial property owner and a tenant in the San Francisco Bay area, The Feldman Law Group is called on to assist. The Feldman Law Group routinely handles commercial lease dispute issues related to:

  • Options given to tenants to extend their lease.
  • Storage disputes, particularly involving hazardous materials.
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) fee disputes
  • So-called “percentage rent” disputes, where the tenant pays a fixed rent plus a percentage based on business revenue.
  • Leasing space to competitive businesses in shopping centers or other multi-tenant properties.
  • Damage claims from fire, flooding, etc.
  • Forced default claims (claims that the landlord is attempting to force the tenant out to get a “better” tenant for more money.)

Regardless of the issue, attempting to resolve the dispute on your own is the most unwise decision.

If you are a commercial property owner or tenant facing a dispute, do not wait to get professional legal guidance to protect your rights and reach a swift, successful resolution. In Walnut Creek, California, please contact commercial lease dispute attorney Aaron Feldman

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